The psychology of colors in web design

July 4, 2020

Colors are powerful! They affect not only feelings, but also the actions of people. This is precisely why the psychological effects of colors can help to strengthen your brand, boost sales and direct visitors to your website to certain pages or encourage them to take certain actions.

Studies have shown that people decide whether they like a product within 90 seconds and that 90% of that decision is based on color alone . Research has also shown that colors can increase a brand’s recognition value by up to 80% .

It’s no coincidence that the majority of popular social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr) and tech brands (Dell, IBM, HP, and Intel) have blue logos . However, this does not necessarily mean that blue is also suitable for your website. And even if blue SHOULD be the perfect color for your page, think about what other colors you could combine with it (and where you can do that).

Only when you get involved with the effect and understand how colors affect people can you ensure that the colors on your website work for you and not against you.

So let’s look at a few basic facts about colors:

Red and its effects

The color red can speed up a person’s heartbeat and cause them to breathe faster. Red is generally associated with lust, arousal, love, energy and movement. But it also has negative associations such as war, violence, fire, anger and danger.

Use of red

It’s a good idea to use red as an accent color to draw attention to something or to achieve an aroused state. Red is used primarily in areas such as food, fashion, entertainment, sports, marketing, advertising, emergency services and health services.

When should red be avoided?

Less is more! Too much excitement can easily slip into the negative. Generally speaking, red is unsuitable for luxury goods, nature-related content or professional websites / services.

Orange and its effects

Orange is an energetic and lively color. It is often associated with fun, happiness, energy, warmth, ambition, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Orange can also be used to call for caution.

Use of orange

registration), as well as to your sales, offers or other content that you want to make sure that people notice them. It is well suited for online retail, the automotive industry Draw attention to your calls for action (signatures, purchase,, technology, entertainment, food and child care.

When to avoid orange

Although orange is a little less intense than red, it can still quickly become overwhelming. So don’t overdo it!

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