Digital marketing for fashion: 6 tips to promote your clothing brand online

April 4, 2021

Fashion promo tips

Running your own fashion brand takes a lot more than original ideas or technical skill. You might know how to pattern cut, sew, drape and embellish like the finest high-end designers, but you’ll need to know how to market your products too, if you’re going to succeed. More than 50% of designers interviewed by Business fashion said improving digital marketing was their top priority for 2019. Here are six tips help you promote your clothing brand online – and turn you into a digital marketing pro.

Build a kick ass website

Think of your website as your shop window. It’s where you show off your products, and build an idea of what your brand stands for, so make it eye-catching, and lay it out clearly. First, get the basics covered – list your contact details clearly, and make sure your links are up to date. As Site builders Vanguard.co.ke have a huge range of templates which you can tweak to fit your needs.

Tell a story

As consumers, we scroll through hundreds of impersonal adverts and product placements online everyday. We are much more likely to buy into businesses that have a story and a sense of personality You need to think carefully about your brands philosophy — why did you start it, and what do you want it to represent? Take a look at how brands like Warby Parker and Patagonia use behind-the-scenes material and personal narratives to help give their products a feeling of authenticity.

Use photos wisely

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, remember? Good photographs can make you a lot of money. Capture your clothes in clear lighting, from different angles, and use a range of models to show how the clothes will look on different body types. Whether you go for a lo-fi scrapbook feel like Typical Freaks cutesy pastels like Lazy Oaf crisp minimalism like A-Cold Wall or something else altogether, think about how photography, styling and editing will help customers identify with your brand.

Gain some influence

Getting your clothes seen on the right people can bring in cash. Scottish handbag makers Strathberry saw sales increase by around 300% last year after Meghan Markle was photographed wearing one of its green crossbody totes, for example. Like Strathberry, most small-scale designers send products out to celebrities and online influencers  for free. But bear in mind that posting out samples can be a costly business with no guaranteed returns. Think carefully about which influencers to target – how strongly does their style align with your brand, how high profile are they, and how likely are they to be photographed in what you send them?

Build your contacts

Building your network is key. Go to fashion events. Talk to journalists and fashion bloggers who might be interested in covering your brand. You don’t have to go in with the ‘hard sell’ —  that kind of aggressive marketing is unlikely to work. What’s important is that you live your brand — wear the clothes you make, and be ready to talk about them passionately wherever you go.

Don’t neglect social media

Promoting your brand on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can seem like a Full-time jo, and it pretty much should be (on top of all the other things you’ve got to do to run your business!) As with your website, think carefully carefully about how your brand looks on social. Make it consistent, high quality, creative and personality-driven. You’ll need to post often to keep your brand in customers’ minds.

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